Reflections of Hope

You may - or may not - know that diagnosis (and unsuccessful conventional medical treatment) of a chronic pain condition known as Fibromyalgia is what lead me to my career in the natural health field. After over a decade, while I have regained control over, and quality of my life, I still live with an invisible disability every single day. Wanting to help others in a similar situation was a huge driving force behind opening my practice.

A big thing that those with invisible illnesses struggle with is frequently being told "But you don't look sick!" Being accused of drug seeking, sympathy seeking, needing to just "get over it," it being all in our heads. So I wanted to create a voice for people like me. A community of understanding and compassion, as well as revolution in the conventional healthcare community. Activists for kindness! Warriors for compassion. An entire population of educators.

Reflections of Hope is a community art project, a safe space for individuals living with invisible illness to share their journeys through art.

We welcome submissions from all, in all mediums. Pieces can be sent to the Reflections project to be shared wit the public either anonymously or with credit, depending on what the artist is most comfortable with.

The ultimate goal is to create an uplifting, empathetic environment to share our struggles and our successes, and to grow awareness of invisible diseases and conditions using the most powerful medium on earth - art.


You can follow the Reflections of Hope Project on Facebook and Instagram. On these pages we share information, inspiration, and featured pieces of art.

We also have a new Facebook group page for an interactive community experience.  On this page any member can share their creations, their struggles, and their victories.